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[image]Some Eat It Raw - Mossa

Downloads: 2
[image]Town Hall - Mossa

Downloads: 56
[image]Black Foundation Dub - Mossa

Downloads: 119
[audio]Mossa - Black Foundation Dub [EPS02] - Mossa
It's been a while since Epsilonlab wanted Mossa on-board to participate in our journey into innovative tech house. This piece will surprise you to no end, as he shares his own views on our sound direction. As part of the Complot label--and as a DJ at Les Folies--Mossa's hardly a newcomer to the music community. He also proudly plays in a funk band, testing every musical avenue he can find. Its no surprise then that his approach to sound is delicate, sharp, humour-filled and quite sensitive...
Keywords: Electronic; Techhouse
Downloads: 4,961 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Mossa - The Town Hall EP [EPS13] - Mossa
What went wrong at the town hall in NY on the night of Oct 12, 1962? Mossa, via his latest release which definitely differs from his usual material, takes you back to that moment at the New York Town Hall when Charles Mingus and his 30 musicians made history. Yesterday's best jazz elements and today's funky rhythms blend in Mossa's hands through three pieces that will deserve a prominent spot in your musical entertainment collection...
Keywords: Electronic; Techhouse
Downloads: 16,843 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Almeshan 7 - Mossa Saleh
مجلة صدى الميشان7
Keywords: almeshan7
Downloads: 67
[texts]Balanced metrics on homogeneous vector bundles - Roberto Mossa
Let $E\rightarrow M$ be a holomorphic vector bundle over a compact Kaehler manifold $(M, \omega)$ and let $E=E_1\oplus... \oplus E_m\rightarrow M$ be its decomposition into irreducible factors. Suppose that each $E_j$ admits a $\omega$-balanced metric in Donaldson-Wang terminology. In this paper we prove that $E$ admits a unique $\omega$-balanced metric if and only if $\frac{r_j}{N_j}=\frac{r_k}{N_k}$ for all $j, k=1, ..., m$, where $r_j$ denotes the rank of $E_j$ and $N_j=\dim H^0(M, E_j)$...
Downloads: 10
[texts]A note on diastatic entropy and balanced metrics - Roberto Mossa
We give un upper bound Ent(\Omega, g)
Downloads: 13
[texts]Diastasis and the first eigenvalue of the laplacian of a noncompact Kähler manifold - Roberto Mossa
We provide a lower and an upper bound for the first eigenvalue of a noncompact real analytic K\"ahler manifold in terms of Calabi's diastasis function and diastatic entropy. In particular we obtain explicit lower bounds for the first eigenvalue of the geodesic balls of an Hermitian symmetric space of noncompact type.
Downloads: 16
[texts]A bounded homogeneous domain and a projective manifold are not relatives - Roberto Mossa
Let $M_1$ and $M_2$ be two K\"ahler manifolds. One says that $M_1$ and $M_2$ are "relatives" if they share a non-trivial K\"ahler submanifold $S$, namely, if there exist two holomorphic and isometric immersions (K\"ahler immersions) $h_1: S -> M_1$ and $h_2: S -> M_2$. In this paper we show that a bounded homogeneous domain with a homogeneous K\"ahler metric and a projective K\"ahler manifold (i.e...
Downloads: 15
[texts]The volume entropy of local Hermitian symmetric space of noncompact type - Roberto Mossa
We calculate the volume entropy of local Hermitian symmetric spaces of noncompact type in terms of its invariant $r$, $a$, $b$.
Downloads: 14
[texts]Optimal, Predictive and Adaptive Control - Edoardo Mossa
Contents: Deterministic LQ regulation-I: Dynamic programming and Riccati equation approach; cheap control and single-step regulation. Feedback systems: Matrix-fraction descriptions; internal stability; Youla-Kucera parameterization of all stabilizing compensators. Deterministic LQ regulation-II : Solution based on spectral factorization and polynomial equations, and its relationship with the Riccati-based solution; 2-DOF tracking with preview...
Keywords: Adaptive Systems
Downloads: 64
[audio]Kabul - Mossa Mostafa - Kabul - Mossa Mostafa
Kabul - Mossa Mostafa
Keywords: Kabul - Mossa Mostafa
Downloads: 392
[texts]Topological Origin of the Phase Transition in a Model of DNA Denaturation - Paolo Grinza
The hypothesis that phase transitions originate from some topological change of the critical level hypersurface of the potential energy receives direct evident support by our study of the Bishop--Peyrard model of DNA thermal denaturation.
Downloads: 14
[texts]An operational scheme to determine the locally preferred structure of model liquids - S. Mossa
We present an operational method to determine the 'locally preferred structure'' of model liquids, a notion often put forward to explain supercooling of a liquid and glass formation. The method relies on finding the global minimum in the (free) energy landscape of clusters of atoms or molecules embedded in a liquid-like environment. We propose a more systematic approach of the external potential mimicking the influence of the surrounding bulk liquid on the cluster than in our previous work [S...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Supersymmetric Langevin equation to explore free energy landscapes - Alessandro Mossa
The recently discovered supersymmetric generalizations of Langevin dynamics and Kramers equation can be utilized for the exploration of free energy landscapes of systems whose large time-scale separation hampers the usefulness of standard molecular dynamics techniques. The first realistic application is here presented. The system chosen is a minimalist model for a short alanine peptide exhibiting a helix-coil transition.
Downloads: 10
[texts]Uniqueness of balanced metrics on holomorphic vector bundles - Andrea Loi
Let $E\to M$ be a holomorphic vector bundle over a compact Kaehler manifold $(M, \omega)$. We prove that if $E$ admits a $\omega$-balanced metric (in X. Wang's terminology) then it is unique. This result together with a result of L. Biliotti and A. Ghigi implies the existence and uniqueness of $\omega$-balanced metrics of certain direct sums of irreducible homogeneous vector bundles over rational homogeneous varieties...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Berezin quantization of homogeneous bounded domains - Andrea Loi
We prove that a homogeneous bounded domain admits a Berezin quantization.
Downloads: 10
[texts]Locally preferred structure in simple atomic liquids - S. Mossa
We propose a method to determine the locally preferred structure of model liquids. This latter is obtained numerically as the global minimum of the effective energy surface of clusters formed by small numbers of particles embedded in a liquid-like environment. The effective energy is the sum of the intra-cluster interaction potential and of an external field that describes the influence of the embedding bulk liquid at a mean-field level...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Analytic properties of the free energy: the tricritical Ising model - Alessandro Mossa
We investigate the tricritical Ising model in complex magnetic field in order to characterize the analytic structure of its free energy. By supplementing analytic methods with the truncation of conformal space technique we obtain nonperturbative data even if the field theories we consider are not integrable. The existence of edge singularities analogous to the Lee-Yang points in the Ising field theory is confirmed...
Downloads: 15
[texts]The diastatic exponential of a symmetric space - Andrea Loi
Let $(M, g)$ be a real analytic Kaehler manifold. We say that a smooth map $E_p:W\to M$ from a neighborhood $W$ of the origin of $T_pM$ into $M$ is a {\em diastatic exponential} at $p$ if it satisfies $$(d \E_p)_0=\id_{T_pM},$$ $$D_p(\E_p (v))=g_p(v, v), \forall v\in W,$$ where $D_p$ is Calabi's diastasis function at $p$ (the usual exponential $\exp_p$ obviously satisfied these equations when $D_p$ is replaced by the square of the geodesics distance $d^2_p$ from $p$)...
Downloads: 12
[texts]Kovacs effects in an aging molecular liquid - S. Mossa
We study by means of molecular dynamics simulations the aging behavior of a molecular model of ortho-terphenyl. We find evidence of a a non-monotonic evolution of the volume during an isothermal-isobaric equilibration process, a phenomenon known in polymeric systems as Kovacs effect. We characterize this phenomenology in terms of landscape properties, providing evidence that, far from equilibrium, the system explores region of the potential energy landscape distinct from the one explored in ther...
Downloads: 11
[texts]Anomalous properties of the acoustic excitations in glasses on the mesoscopic length-scale - Giulio Monaco
The low-temperature thermal properties of dielectric crystals are governed by acoustic excitations with large wavelengths that are well described by plane waves. This is the Debye model, which rests on the assumption that the medium is an elastic continuum, holds true for acoustic wavelengths large on the microscopic scale fixed by the interatomic spacing, and gradually breaks down on approaching it...
Downloads: 8
[audio] -
Downloads: 7,154
[texts]Orientational and induced contributions to the depolarized Rayleigh spectra of liquid and supercooled ortho-terphenyl - S. Mossa
The depolarized light scattering spectra of the glass forming liquid ortho-terphenyl have been calculated in the low frequency region using molecular dynamics simulation. Realistic system's configurations are produced by using a recent flexible molecular model and combined with two limiting polarizability schemes, both of them using the dipole-induced-dipole contributions at first and second order...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Aging in a Laponite colloidal suspension: A Brownian dynamics simulation study - S. Mossa
We report Brownian dynamics simulation of the out-of-equilibrium dynamics (aging) in a colloidal suspension composed of rigid charged disks, one possible model for Laponite, a synthetic clay deeply investigated in the last few years by means of various experimental techniques. At variance with previous numerical investigations, mainly focusing on static structure and equilibrium dynamics, we explore the out-of-equilibrium aging dynamics...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Molecular dynamics simulation of the fragile glass former ortho-terphenyl: a flexible molecule model. II. Collective dynamics - S. Mossa
We present a molecular dynamics study of the collective dynamics of a flexible model for the fragile glass-former orthoterphenyl [ S. Mossa, R. Di leonardo, G. Ruocco, and M. Sampoli, Phys. Rev. E 62, 612 (2000)]. We study the behavior of the coherent scattering functions, considering the density fluctuations of both molecular and phenyl rings centers of mass; moreover we directly simulate the neutron scattering spectra taking into account both the contributions due to the carbon and hydrogens a...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Non-conservative forces and effective temperatures in active polymers - Davide Loi
We follow the dynamics of an ensemble of interacting self-propelled semi-flexible polymers in contact with a thermal bath. We characterize structure and dynamics of the passive system and as a function of the motor activity. We find that the fluctuation-dissipation relation allows for the definition of an effective temperature that is compatible with the results obtained by using a tracer particle as a thermometer...
Downloads: 8
[texts]Hamiltonian dynamics of homopolymer chain models - Alessandro Mossa
The Hamiltonian dynamics of chains of nonlinearly coupled particles is numerically investigated in two and three dimensions. Simple, off-lattice homopolymer models are used to represent the interparticle potentials. Time averages of observables numerically computed along dynamical trajectories are found to reproduce results given by the statistical mechanics of homopolymer models. The dynamical treatment, however, indicates a nontrivial transition between regimes of slow and fast phase space mix...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Vibrational origin of the fast relaxation processes in molecular glass-formers - S. Mossa
We study the interaction of the relaxation processes with the density fluctuations by molecular dynamics simulation of a flexible molecule model for o-terphenyl (oTP) in the liquid and supercooled phases. We find evidence, besides the structural relaxation, of a secondary vibrational relaxation whose characteristic time, few ps, is slightly temperature dependent. This i) confirms the result by Monaco et al...
Downloads: 8
[texts]Potential Energy Landscape Equation of State - Emilia La Nave
Depth, number, and shape of the basins of the potential energy landscape are the key ingredients of the inherent structure thermodynamic formalism introduced by Stillinger and Weber [F. H. Stillinger and T. A. Weber, Phys. Rev. A 25, 978 (1982)]. Within this formalism, an equation of state based only on the volume dependence of these landscape properties is derived. Vibrational and configurational contributions to pressure are sorted out in a transparent way...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Measuring Spatial Distribution of Local Elastic Modulus in Glasses - Hideyuki Mizuno
Glasses exhibit spatially inhomogeneous elastic properties, which can be investigated by measuring their elastic moduli at a local scale. Various methods to evaluate the local elastic modulus have been proposed in the literature. A first possibility is to measure the local stress-local strain curve and to obtain the local elastic modulus from the slope of the curve, or equivalently to use a local fluctuation formula...
Downloads: 15
[texts]Investigating the thermodynamics of small biosystems with optical tweezers - Alessandro Mossa
We present two examples of how single-molecule experimental techniques applied to biological systems can give insight into problems within the scope of equilibrium and nonequilibrium mesoscopic thermodynamics. The first example is the mapping of the free energy landscape of a macromolecule, the second the experimental verification of Crooks' fluctuation theorem. In both cases the experimental setup comprises optical tweezers and DNA molecules.
Downloads: 12
[texts]Effective temperature of active complex matter - Davide Loi
We use molecular dynamics simulations to study the dynamics of an ensemble of interacting self-propelled semi-flexible polymers in contact with a thermal bath. Our intention is to model complex systems of biological interest. We find that an effective temperature allows one to rationalize the out of equilibrium dynamics of the system. This parameter is measured in several independent ways -- from fluctuation-dissipation relations and by using tracer particles -- and they all yield equivalent res...
Downloads: 12
[texts]Effective temperature of active matter - Davide Loi
We follow the dynamics of an ensemble of interacting self-propelled motorized particles in contact with an equilibrated thermal bath. We find that the fluctuation-dissipation relation allows for the definition of an effective temperature that is compatible with the results obtained using a tracer particle as a thermometer. The effective temperature takes a value which is higher than the temperature of the bath and it is continuously controlled by the motor intensity.
Downloads: 26
[texts]The Glassy Potts Model - E. Marinari
We introduce a Potts model with quenched, frustrated disorder, that enjoys of a gauge symmetry that forbids spontaneous magnetization, and allows the glassy phase to extend from $T_c$ down to T=0. We study numerical the 4 dimensional model with $q=4$ states. We show the existence of a glassy phase, and we characterize it by studying the probability distributions of an order parameter, the binder cumulant and the divergence of the overlap susceptibility...
Downloads: 12
[texts]Symplectic capacities of Hermitian symmetric spaces - Andrea Loi
Inspired by the work of G. Lu on pseudo symplectic capacities we obtain several results on the Gromov width and the Hofer--Zehnder capacity of Hermitian symmetric spaces of compact type. Our results and proofs extend those obtained by Lu for complex Grassmannians to Hermitian symmetric spaces of compact type. We also compute the Gromov width and the Hofer--Zehnder capacity for Cartan domains and their products.
Downloads: 7
[texts]The worldwide air transportation network: Anomalous centrality, community structure, and cities' global roles - R. Guimera
We analyze the global structure of the world-wide air transportation network, a critical infrastructure with an enormous impact on local, national, and international economies. We find that the world-wide air transportation network is a scale-free small-world network. In contrast to the prediction of scale-free network models, however, we find that the most connected cities are not necessarily the most central, resulting in anomalous values of the centrality...
Downloads: 8
[texts]Recovery of free energy branches in single molecule experiments - Ivan Junier
We present a method for determining the free energy of coexisting states from irreversible work measurements. Our approach is based on a fluctuation relation that is valid for dissipative transformations in partially equilibrated systems. To illustrate the validity and usefulness of the approach, we use optical tweezers to determine the free energy branches of the native and unfolded states of a two-state molecule as a function of the pulling control parameter...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Molecular dynamics simulation of the fragile glass former ortho-terphenyl: a flexible molecule model - S. Mossa
We present a realistic model of the fragile glass former orthoterphenyl and the results of extensive molecular dynamics simulations in which we investigated its basic static and dynamic properties. In this model the internal molecular interactions between the three rigid phenyl rings are described by a set of force constants, including harmonic and anharmonic terms; the interactions among different molecules are described by Lennard-Jones site-site potentials...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Liquid stability in a model for ortho-terphenyl - E. La Nave
We report an extensive study of the phase diagram of a simple model for ortho-terphenyl, focusing on the limits of stability of the liquid state. Reported data extend previous studies of the same model to both lower and higher densities and to higher temperatures. We estimate the location of the homogeneous liquid-gas nucleation line and of the spinodal locus. Within the potential energy landscape formalism, we calculate the distributions of depth, number, and shape of the potential energy minim...
Downloads: 8
[texts]Aging and Energy Landscapes: Application to Liquids and Glasses - Stefano Mossa
The equation of state for a liquid in equilibrium, written in the potential energy landscape formalism, is generalized to describe out-of-equilibrium conditions. The hypothesis that during aging the system explores basins associated to equilibrium configurations is the key ingredient in the derivation. Theoretical predictions are successfully compared with data from molecular dynamics simulations of different aging processes, such as temperature and pressure jumps.
Downloads: 5
[texts]Molecular dynamics simulation study of the high frequency sound waves in the fragile glass former ortho-terphenyl - S. Mossa
Using a realistic flexible molecule model of the fragile glass former orthoterphenyl, we calculate via molecular dynamics simulation the collective dynamic structure factor, recently measured in this system by Inelastic X-ray Scattering. The comparison of the simulated and measured dynamic structure factor, and the study of its properties in an extended momentum, frequency and temperature range allows: i) to conclude that the utilized molecular model gives rise to a dynamic structure factor in a...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Equilibrium cluster phases and low-density arrested disordered states: The role of short-range attraction and long-range repulsion - Francesco Sciortino
We study a model in which particles interact with short-ranged attractive and long-ranged repulsive interactions, in an attempt to model the equilibrium cluster phase recently discovered in sterically stabilized colloidal systems in the presence of depletion interactions. At low packing fraction particles form stable equilibrium clusters which act as building blocks of a cluster fluid. We study the possibility that cluster fluids generate a low-density disordered arrested phase, a gel, via a gla...
Downloads: 15
[texts]Interplay Between Time-Temperature-Transformation and the Liquid-Liquid Phase Transition in Water - Masako Yamada
We study the TIP5P water model proposed by Mahoney and Jorgensen, which is closer to real water than previously-proposed classical pairwise additive potentials. We simulate the model in a wide range of deeply supercooled states and find (i) the existence of a non-monotonic ``nose-shaped'' temperature of maximum density line and a non-reentrant spinodal, (ii) the presence of a low temperature phase transition, (iii) the free evolution of bulk water to ice, and (iv) the time-temperature-transforma...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Disentangling density and temperature effects in the viscous slowing down of glassforming liquids - G. Tarjus
We present a consistent picture of the respective role of density and temperature in the viscous slowing down of glassforming liquids and polymers. Specifically, based in part upon a new analysis of simulation and experimental data on liquid ortho-terphenyl, we conclude that a zeroth-order description of the approach to the glass transition should be formulated in terms of a temperature-driven super-Arrhenius activated behavior rather than a density-driven congestion or jamming phenomenon...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Experimental free energy measurements of kinetic molecular states using fluctuation theorems - Anna Alemany
Recent advances in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and single molecule technologies make it possible to extract free energy differences from irreversible work measurements in pulling experiments. To date, free energy recovery has been focused on native or equilibrium molecular states, whereas free energy measurements of kinetic states (i.e. finite lifetime states that are generated dynamically and are metastable) have remained unexplored...
Downloads: 14
[texts]Measurement of work in single-molecule experiments - Alessandro Mossa
A main goal of single-molecule experiments is to evaluate equilibrium free energy differences by applying fluctuation relations to repeated work measurements along irreversible processes. We quantify the error that is made in a free energy estimate by means of the Jarzynski equality when the accumulated work expended on the whole system (including the instrument) is erroneously replaced by the work transferred to the subsystem consisting of the sole molecular construct...
Downloads: 8
[texts]The effect of Carbaryl on the pituitary-gonad axis in male rats. (Volume 10) - Fattahi, Esmail
This article is from Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine, volume 10.AbstractBackground: Carbaryl is a carbamate insecticide widely used to control pests in agriculture and farm. Carbaryl adversely affect the reproductive endocrine systems in animals.Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate Carbaryl effects on the pituitary-gonad axis in rats.Materials and Methods: In this experimental - analytical study, 60 adult male rats were divided into four equal groups: control, sham and exper...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Ground state clusters for short-range attractive and long-range repulsive potentials - S. Mossa
We report calculations of the ground state energies and geometries for clusters of different sizes (up to 80 particles), where individual particles interact simultaneously via a short-ranged attractive -modeled with a generalization of the Lennard-Jones potential- and a long-ranged repulsive Yukawa potential. We show that, for specific choices of the parameters of the repulsive potential, the ground state energy per particle has a minimum at a finite cluster size...
Downloads: 9
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